Zen Meditation

Facing yourself is the first step

Since the Meiji era, Enkouji Temple has been Japan's only Zen training hall specializing in training Buddhist nuns. The Zen hall from that time still exists, and seated Zen meditation sessions are held in the early morning every Sunday. Easy-to-understand guidance is offered for beginners, so why not try to seek "nothingness" in silence?

Session details

[Seated Zen meditation]

From the Meiji Era until recently, Enkouji Temple has been Japan’s only training hall for Buddhist nuns. Seated Zen meditation sessions still take place in the Zen hall where the nuns actually practiced meditating at that time. Beginners are given easy-to-understand tips on ways to sit and breathe, so please feel free to join in.

[Temple chores]

After seated meditation, participants weed and sweep the temple precincts. Seated meditation (zazen) is considered “meditation in stillness,” while doing physical labor (samu) is considered “meditation in movement.” Both seated meditation and physical labor are important practices in the world of Zen.

[Zen lecture]

The head monk gives easy-to-understand lectures on Zen principles.


The Zen monk's breakfast of rice porridge, pickled radish, and pickled plums is served. We look at our food, and appreciate how much time and effort went into making it ready for us. We eat quietly and without making a sound, while appreciating each bowl of rice porridge and reflecting on whether we are worthy of it.


For individuals

[Sunday early morning seated Zen meditation]

Held: On Sundays (Reservation required by 5 PM the previous day)
Time: 6:00 to 8:00 AM (Beginners are advised to arrive 15 minutes early)
Includes: Zen lecture, temple chores, breakfast, and seated meditation in the morning.

For groups

Minimum of 20 participants required to hold the session.

For group meditation (school field trips, corporate training, or among others), feel free to ask us to arrange a date and time in advance.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact us.

Reservations for seated meditation sessions are by phone only.

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